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Share with Lillie's and our extended family of followers why you love our products and how you use them! 

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Josh S. 

My favorite BBQ sauce! Spicy and less-spicy options for those that can't quite take the heat. I'm glad to take it to family gatherings and share it with everyone.

Jennifer J. 

Absolutely love this! I'm a vegetarian and use this for my veggie items. Currently eating veggie corn dogs with it and it taste fabulous! Need to get more!

ERIC E.                               

I could cuss it's so good. Thank you. Keep up the good work.


I hope you're well! I am a huge fan of your hot sauce and I can only assume your BBQ sauces are just as good. Trust me, I know all about the hot sauce products. My house is never empty of them!

Melinda S.

My husband LOVES this hot sauce! A perfect blend of heat and flavor!

Ashley McC

We first tried this southern liquid gold at Jestine's Kitchen and had to buy a bottle! We did and finished a whole one with one night of a catfish fry! Absolutely love it!



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